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At the University of Montana (1996-1998) I did some bronze casting. These two horses have some obvious visual connections to the ceramic pieces I showed from my childhood. They’re lost wax castings and also have strong connections to my current Symbiosis work–especially the adaptation/mutation in the quadrupeds.

The stylized horse on the left is called The Abasement of the Pursuit and has small human hands carved into the underside of the hooves (apologies for the flash shot). The horse on the right has human hands instead of hooves (as well as human arms) and an upside down heart symbol on his chest. This horse is called Praying Horse.

They remain some of my favorite works. In fact, I have two more horses, a mummified tree house and a stylized dragon that were all cast using a more sophisticated silica casting technology. All of these need additional work due to the metal freezing out. They will be uploaded later.