The mural is installed and the public dedication is Saturday September 20th at 4:30 PM at 201 South Broadway in Aberdeen, WA.

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These installation photos are by Erik Sandgren and Kathryn Cotnoir. Click the thumbnails for larger images.

This mural opportunity has taught be a great deal. For me, the mural’s real meaning is artists depicting artists:  Artists looking critically, humorously, honestly, subversively and respectfully at what Nirvana’s art means to us, our understandings of the artistic impact of “Grunge” (I personally don’t like that word) and the historical/biographical aesthetics (musical, lyrical and visual) that all combine into a massive connection of threads. Each thread is there for us to tap, follow and try to understand. These threads sometimes take us back to our own art making and other times take us into Nirvana’s craft. Still other times they lead to other artists’ contributions, be they the musical influences of Nirvana or the many other artists and musicians who inspired us.

And then there are the threads that lead to PLACE. The light, mist and woods of Grays Harbor in threaded into Nirvana’s music, the mural and our respective aesthetics. This energy is clear and should be paid more attention. If Aberdeen “owns Grunge” then Grays Harbor owns the atmospheric spirits that speak to so many artists. Historically while the youth have been repelled, the attraction of this energy is equally as powerful. Perhaps very soon we will see artists-in-residencies for musicians, writers, designers and painters in the Harbor.


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The designer Tyler Savin is working on a fantastic website for the mural. Please visit to see the official mural, read the statement and learn more about the process. Heck–you can even buy a print!