Artist Statement: Structure Abstract

Inspired by the juxtaposition of urban landscapes and the organic essence of nature, my Structure Series represents a fusion of two seemingly disparate realms. By seamlessly integrating man-made architectural forms with the rich textures and intricate patterns found in nature, I strive to create an ornamental visual narrative.

Utilizing printmaking as my primary medium, I use repeatable photo-based matrices to create unique monoprints and the foundation for paintings. Using the camera to create photo drawings, I digitally abstract the source imagery and transcend the constraints of traditional representation, delving into the realm of the non-objective. By distorting, deconstructing, and rearranging the captured elements, I express the intangible aspects of this fusion.

Artist Statement: Adventures Through the Anthropocene

The Nobel Prize winning meteorologist, Paul Crutzen, coined the term Anthropocene. This geological time period marks the conclusion of the Holocene epoch and the beginning of an era when humankind dramatically shapes the natural systems of the planet.

The series Adventures Through the Anthropocene focuses on a colorful surrealist fantasy where flora, fauna and even human beings adapt, evolve, mutate and merge in order to survive in a dramatically altered, anthropogenic ecosystem. These inhabitants are depicted moving in between dimensional space and are often rendered naturalistically in part of the composition, while dissolving into inter-dimensional space and abstraction in other areas of the image.

The overarching Anthropocene series is comprised of three component categories: Interventions and Defense, Spirits and Mythos, and Symbiotic Mutualism.

Interventions and Defense is the most overtly political and depicts endangered animals protected by imagined animal rights or ecological defense groups. Kevlar vests, drones and assorted weaponry protect animals from poaching and the illicit trade of their tusks and horns.

Spirits and Mythos depicts chimera and mythological beasts and also stars pets and members of the artist’s family. These characters take on the roll of spiritual guide or benevolent protectors of the natural world.

Symbiotic Mutualism renders multiple organisms in a mutually beneficial relationship. Unlike parasitism, flora and fauna work together for feeding, care or protection. This connective relationship is at the heart of Adventures Through the Anthropocene. This work has its historical roots within the medieval Christian Bestiary. The Bestiary depicted nature in grandiose style to showcase zoological research, often in conjunction with biblical allegory. The beasts of Anthropocene are created from a similar passion and while their forms may not be as naïve as those in the Bestiary, the element of fantasy remains.

Artist Biography:

Jason Sobottka is a professional artist and art educator from Tacoma, Washington. He earned his BFA from the University of Montana and earned his MFA from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

Jason exhibits his paintings, drawings, and prints internationally and his work is featured in many public and private collections in the US, England, and Australia. He is currently the Faculty Director for the Lake Washington Institute of Technology’s Applied Art-Illustration Bachelor Degree program, in Kirkland, WA.